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Video of first flight of Blue Origin Rocket and Spacecraft, minus probable explosion of main stage :(

Video of the first test flight of Blue Origin’s New Shepard spacecraft. Blue Origin is the the pet space project of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

The rocket’s main stage was supposed to descend gracefully and land in one piece on its own, but unfortunately this failed to happen. It’s not entirely clear what happened to the main stage, but we assume it ended with an almighty bang.

Blue Origin – First Flight

Highlights from Blue Origin’s New Shepard space vehicle as it makes its first developmental test flight.

Impending environmental disaster in Sao Paulo Brazil = NO WATER


Adriana Brasileiro writing for Reuters reports that the city of Sao Paulo Brazil is about to have NO water.

South America’s biggest and wealthiest city may run out of water by mid-November if it doesn’t rain soon.

São Paulo, a Brazilian megacity of 20 million people, is suffering its worst drought in at least 80 years, with key reservoirs that supply the city dried up after an unusually dry year.

Apparently the severity of the drought is closely tied to devastating deforestation of the nearby amazon rainforests, which are an important source of rain for Sao Paulo by creating clouds of moisture and humidity.

…global warming and the deforestation of the Amazon are altering the climate in the region by drastically reducing the release of billions of liters of water by rainforest trees…

If the drought continues for much longer, Sao Paolo may be on the brink of complete collapse.

The severity of the situation in recent weeks has led government leaders to finally admit Brazil’s financial powerhouse is on the brink of a catastrophe.

São Paulo residents should brace for a “collapse like we’ve never seen before” if the drought continues, warned Vicente Andreu, president of Brazil’s Water Regulatory Agency.

Much more on this pending environmental disaster… due to ‘local’ climate change… due to humans… in the Reuters article.