SpaceX posts vine of attempted drone ship rocket landing and EXPLOSION!! #space

If you missed the SpaceX/NASA rocket launch that included an attempted landing of the first stage rocket on a drone ship, here’s the spectacular video of the amazing, but not entirely successful landing. More info here.

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Adorable xkcd live cartoon of @Philae2014 and @ESA_Rosetta comet landing! – watch as flip book!


GO AND WATCH THIS xkcd cartoon flip book from yesterday’s comet landing! NOW!! It is informative, adorable, cute, hilarious, exciting, and more!!

Fire in space is so hot right now! @astro_reid #science #ISS

Today has been a big day for fire in space. Earlier I posted about an older experiment with fire on the International Space Station. And this evening, social media astronaut extraordinaire Reid Wiseman posted vines of more fire experiments on ISS. Very, Very Cool!