Airplane sneeze simulation will GROSS you out – Add this to the list of things I want to forget #science

How Sneeze Particles Travel Inside An Airplane

Simulation technology shows why you should sit very far behind a sick passenger. Researchers at the FAA Center of Excellence at Purdue University, created this simulation of a sneezing passenger using ANSYS to study the mechanics of pathogen travel in airplane cabins. Read more at the ANSYS Blog:

Can the method for deboarding airplanes be improved? Joseph Stromberg explains #SCIENCE


Check out this great article on by Joseph Stromberg about how we can improve getting off of airplanes, using calculations and science-based simulations.

… if one particular airline actively pioneered aisle-first deboarding — say, Southwest, which already has an unconventional boarding method — and showed that it worked faster, passengers would surely learn it over time. Our current deboarding method, after all, is a learned behavior too — and most passengers would do nearly anything to spend less time waiting to get off their plane.