Leonardo DiCaprio includes climate change in Oscars acceptance speech! #momentforaction #climate #fangirl

In case you didn’t watch the Academy Awards last night – spoiler alert – Leonardo DiCaprio finally won Best Actor for The Revenant! Whether that matters to you or not, Leo continued his vocal stance on climate change and mentioned it in-depth in his acceptance speech!! He also posted about climate change on his Facebook wall, and included MomentForAction.org (below). Check out previous CauseScience posts on Leo killing it in a speech at the UN Climate Summit, and being named UN Messenger of Peace on Climate Change! Leo is definitely the biggest celebrity that continually vocalizes concern for climate change and repeatedly demands action!! Maybe this all started when he realized that Titanic could only happen in a world with icebergs 😉 (FANGIRLING!)



Research!America has a great page where you can email your representatives and tell them we NEED CURES, NOT CUTs! Support medical research and advocate science by contacting your members of congress to fight cuts to science.


Medical Research Saves Lives, Provides Hope and Fuels our Economy.
 Sequestration arbitrarily stifles federal investment in national priorities like medical research and innovation, at the expense of America and Americans.

Deficit reduction is important, but there are ways to achieve it that do not set out nation back, threatening our global leadership and shortchanging the health and safety of the American people.


Speak up and advocate for #science!! But read this first to be effective! @VirginiaGewin #scicomm

Read this terrific Nature Careers commentary by Virginia Gewin about speaking up for science! Filled with real-life examples and terrific advice for advocating for science in many forms – from everyday arguments about evolution to publishing contentious data!!

Whether publishing contentious findings or defending evidence, the right tone is essential.

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#Science Nerds! – Apply for AAAS Mass Media Science Fellowship #SCICOMM


Check out the fellowship and apply here! What a terrific opportunity for people interested in science policy and advocacy!!! Applications due January 15th!

This 10-week summer program places science, engineering, and mathematics students at media organizations nationwide. Fellows use their academic training as they research, write, and report today’s headlines, sharpening their abilities to communicate complex scientific issues to the public.

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Fellow NeuroNerds – Apply to become an SFN #NeuroAdvocate! Apps due next week!


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Apply now to become a Society for Neuroscience Early Career Policy Fellow!!! Become a better advocate for Neuroscience!! More info and application here!!

What types of activities do fellows perform?

Fellows have great discretion in their activities for the year. In the past, fellows have:

  • Interacted with Congress

  • Spread the Word

  • Performed Public Outreach

I would love to do this, but I am not currently a member of Society for Neuroscience due to funding constraints 😦 Apply Now!!!

Science Quotable: Suzanne Ffolkes from Research!America #DefenderofScience


In fact, many americans are still not aware of where research is conducted in our country, and largely scientists are invisible to the public. Our public opinion polling shows that many americans cannot name a living scientist, which is a great concern.


They’re (scientists) the best spokespersons for science. If they can’t defend science, who can?  … its really up to the scientists to describe the importance of their research and how it connects back to public health, human health, and also the economic benefits through job creation.

– Suzanne Ffowles interview at 2014 BIO international conference