Measles and Pertussis outbreaks tied to vaccine refusal @NIHDirector #science

.@EmoryUniversity researchers link recent #measles, #pertussis outbreaks to #vaccine refusal. #NIH — Francis S. Collins (@NIHDirector) March 22, 2016 Parents have a responsibility not only to their own children, but to their communities—it’s only by achieving a very high … Continue reading

Vaccine refresher for Republican candidates – Jessie Schanzle @US_Conversation

Vaccines back in the headlines – here’s what the experts say Jessie Schanzle, The Conversation September 16th’s Republican debate put vaccines back in the headlines, when Ben Carson, a former neurosurgeon, was asked to comment on Donald Trump’s statements linking … Continue reading

#Science Quotable: Todd Pittinsky – America lacks faith in science #Scicomm

Fifty-three percent of Americans are not convinced that human activity is causing global warming (1). Why? The issue is faith, not facts. We cannot see climate change with our own eyes, yet we (scientists) have faith in the scientific method. … Continue reading

More proof of vaccine effectiveness – PAHO announces elimination of Rubella in Americas!!

South and North America have eradicated Rubella virus with use of vaccines (which DO NOT cause autism)!! This is the third virus that has been eliminated from the Americas using vaccines. More info here at NPR. The Americas have led the way … Continue reading

How should scientists respond to science denialism?? John Cook explains @ConversationEDU

Inoculating against science denial John Cook, The University of Queensland Science denial has real, societal consequences. Denial of the link between HIV and AIDS led to more than 330,000 premature deaths in South Africa. Denial of the link between smoking … Continue reading