Let’s celebrate the women of @ESA_Rosetta!! – much more important than ‘who’s his face’ and #shirtgate

         Photo: ESA Today I posted that the European Space Agency’s landing of Philae on Comet 67P made science history. But, I was wrong. The Philae Lander and Rosetta Spacecraft Mission has made history for HUMANKIND!!! The … Continue reading

Welcome to the future! Where we can land a spaceship on a comet… but still think its ok to wear a horribly sexist shirt on TV #shirtgate #cometlanding

The ESA has truly made science history!!! Twitter and everyone else is celebrating the successful landing of Philae on Comet #67P from the Rosetta Spacecraft! ! Unfortunately, the ESA also made science history today for having poor and sexist garment … Continue reading

Tomorrow a spacecraft will land on a comet! Links to livestream, info, and cartoon video! @ESA_Rosetta

The Philae lander of the ESA’s Rosetta spacecraft will be landing on a comet tomorrow!! You can watch live here! [tweet https://twitter.com/ESA_Rosetta/status/532129284035739648] Here is a nice post about how magnetic fields will be used to monitor the descent of Philae onto … Continue reading

@ESA_Rosetta Spacecraft is making science fiction, science reality!

The ESA spacecraft Rosetta has been orbiting a Comet, making science fiction a science reality. The Rosetta spacecraft has been analyzing the comet, including the recent discovery that comets probably smell awful. Check out the ESA website for Rosetta, which will … Continue reading

Rosetta Spacecraft takes amazing new selfie with Comet 67P – will send lander in November @ESA_Rosetta

[tweet https://twitter.com/ESA_Rosetta/status/522024594119852032] Informational video on lander Philae, which will be deployed from the Rosetta Spacecraft for landing on the Comet 67P on Novermber 12th! Super Cool! Animation showing Rosetta’s orbit in the lead up to, during and after lander separation. The … Continue reading

Rosetta spacecraft takes a selfie with comet in the background!

The ESA has posted an awesome ‘selfie‘ from the Rosetta spacecraft with the comet it is pursuing in the background! Title Rosetta mission selfie at comet Released 10/09/2014 5:00 pm Copyright ESA/Rosetta/Philae/CIVA DescriptionUsing the CIVA camera on Rosetta’s Philae lander, the spacecraft have … Continue reading