October 31st CauseScience Friday! Happy Halloween! #selfie #science

Happy Halloween!!!! Here at CauseScience we take Halloween very seriously. In fact, we are both traveling to Washington DC today for our annual Halloween get together with friends. Every year for awhile now we have picked a group costume… and … Continue reading

CauseScience Friday Oct 10th. #Science #Selfie

psgurel: Today I am looking at actin filaments using Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence (TIRF) microscopy.  You may have heard about total internal reflection when learning about optic fibers… basically, if you shine light at a particular angle, instead of going through … Continue reading

CauseScience Friday – October 3rd #science #scienceselfie

crestwind24 – This morning I am screening through many, many plates of worms. Usually this is very tedious, but today it is very exciting because I am looking for worms that have had their genomes edited using the CRISPR/Cas9 system!!! The CRISPR system … Continue reading

CauseScience Friday – September 26 #science #selfie #Act4NIH

Today CauseScience Friday is highlighting the ACT for NIH campaign for biomedical research funding. To get involved, go here, and you too can take a selfie and #Act4NIH. We seek an immediate, significant funding increase for the National Institutes of Health to … Continue reading