Michael Specter explains the altered reality of anti-science GMO opponents #science #VandanaShiva

Michael Specter has written an amazingly well researched (trips to rural India) piece for The New Yorker about anti-GMO and anti-science crusader Vandana Shiva. While Specter focuses on Shiva, his article looks broadly at GMO foods and the anti-science movement that opposes them. … Continue reading

GMO crop pictures… worth more than a thousand words! #science

Ever wonder why there is all the fuss about GMOs? Check out this article on Food For Thought blog with pictures of GMO crops. Then go check out the GMO Crop Photo Depot provided on the website of Dr. Wayne Parrott, Professor … Continue reading

Science Quotable: Neil deGrasse Tyson, GMO response #educator

Furthermore, I never said GMOs were safer or more dangerous. I implied that if you think GMO-laboratory is **inherently** more dangerous to human life than GMO-agriculture you are simply wrong. They both can be bad for the environment. They both … Continue reading

Keith Kloor examines vaccine and GMO science denial for Collide-a-Scape #science

What I'm asking here: Is one form of science denial more socially acceptable than another? http://t.co/02Dcy6O2SJ — keith kloor (@keithkloor) August 7, 2014 Keith Kloor has written another great post on Collide-a-Scape blog. This time Kloor examines denial of science surrounding … Continue reading

Layla Katiraee explains the flawed #science of 10 studies showing GMO toxicity @GeneticLiteracy

Check out this awesome post on the Genetic Literacy Project site examining the studies that are most often cited for evidence of GMO toxicity. Katiraee looks at the validity of the studies, explains flaws, and/or what the studies actually show. She … Continue reading

Are GMO scientists Nazi’s? Do anti-GMO terrorists exist? #science #antiscience

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s) are certainly a controversial topic these days, especially because when most people think of GMO’s they think of seeds and the corporate greed associated with Monsanto. However, there are many different types of GMO’s that have … Continue reading

Congressional panel says Americans are too stupid for GMO food labeling, and are probably right. Anti-GMO is #antiscience

Are Americans too stupid to properly interpret GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) labeling? Yes, according to a congressional panel of representatives and experts, and in many cases, I would have to agree. See CauseScience’s past posts about GMO’s, including how the politics of GMO … Continue reading

Journalist vs scientist on genetically modified organisms (GMO food)

A recent ‘lecture/debate‘ at UC Berkley demonstrates that scientists, farmers, and journalists can find common ground on GMO food. While certain GMO foods (basically anything ‘Roundup Ready’- Monsanto) are controversial, there are less well-known GMO foods that have positive impacts … Continue reading