The Ten Craziest Things Cells Do – Wallace Marshall (UCSF)

Dr. Marshall refutes the commonly held idea that cells are just bags of watery enzymes. He runs through his “Top 10 List” of unexpected and amazing things that individual cells can do. These including growing to be huge, navigating mazes, and performing feats that seem to belong in science fiction.

@NASA’s Space Launch System – no small steps! #Journeytomars

No Small Steps Episode 1: Getting to Mars

NASA’s new rocket, the Space Launch System, will meet the challenges of exploring deep space. And when it comes to NASA’s journey of Mars and beyond, there are no small steps. Stephen Granade talks how SLS will be the most capable rocket ever built for that trip to the Red Planet and other destinations in the solar system. This is the first video in a set of three.

Learn how to communicate #science to non-scientists!! Apply for this exciting #SciComm program – @ResearchAmerica

dots Are you a scientist, physician, researcher or academic interested in Science Communication??? Research!America and George Washington University’s School of Media and Public Affairs have put together an amazing professional development program: “Connecting the Dots: Effectively Communicating Science to Non-Scientists. The 2-day program (April 13-14) will focus on effectively communicating science and research to the public! Applications have been extended to February 6th!! So act fast! More info here! Topics include:

  • Strategic Scientific Communications
  • Using Social and Digital Media for Influence and Persuasion
  • Developing and Delivering Messages
  • Communications Planning
  • Public Presentations
  • Creating Leads, Talking Points and Visuals
  • Media Training

Scientists receive $3 million Breakthrough Prize from Silicon Valley honchos and celebrities! #science

The Breakthrough Prize is my new favorite thing!!!

Tech tycoons, boffins and celebs all rubbed shoulders at a lavish ceremony at NASA’s Hangar One on Sunday night, where the wealthy board led by Yuri Milner heaped millions on scientists for breakthroughs in life sciences, maths and fundamental physics.

The Prizes are given out by a panel of tech giants and the award ceremony is swarming with celebrities! This idea is awesome for so many reasons… but mostly because it awards scientists in a manner that is fitting for their contributions to society. Why shouldn’t scientists be awarded large cash prizes amongst celebrities?!? If their science can lead to treatments or cures for diseases that affect hundreds, thousands, or millions of people around the world? Not only does this award ceremony make science a bit more alluring and sexy, the awardees include many scientists doing basic science research, including C. elegans biology (Shout out to Gary Ruvkun and Victor Ambros!)!

Check out the list of winners and celebrity attendees here. A fun article here at the Register summarizes the prizes and the evening!