WTF?!? Arizona School Board mandates pages be ripped out of Biology textbook… but then loses big in local elections.

Gilbert, Arizona…. really? courtesy of MSNBC and Rachel Maddow.

After a crusading religious group showed up at the Gilbert, Arizona school board meeting with three Republican state senators to complain about the presence of a mention of abortion in an honors biology text book, the board voted to get rid of that material. It was determined that the most efficient way to remove the offending material is to literally remove it – as in, tear the whole page out of the book.

In my opinion, once you are ripping out pages of textbooks that you don’t like, it’s only a short step to burning books that you don’t like. Not to mention that censorship of academia and science has worked out real well for other groups throughout history (cough cough, sarcasm).

Glad to hear that the Gilbert School Board that mandated this blasphemous act (against science… and freedom … duh) is on its way out after losing in the elections earlier this week. For more on that, watch this video segment from the Rachel Maddow Show!