Who doesn’t love Art with a side of Science and Politics??? AutoBiology exhibit at Imperial College

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A researcher at Imperial College London, Dr. Neil Dufton, is showcasing his science inspired art Auto-Biology at a new exhibition at Imperial College. I always love seeing science in art… especially when it has such a relevant commentary! Follow the artist on twitter @neildufton or at his website here.

Featuring a collection of 10 unique prints, the exhibition is an illustrative autobiography of Dr Dufton’s research over the last five years.

Inspired by the works of Salvador Dali and psychedelic music posters from the 1960s, Dr Dufton’s work blends lively, surreal images with concepts from his scientific research. The artwork draws on various controversial topics, such as animal research and stem cell therapy, as well as portraying scientific techniques, equipment and processes. Through his art, Dr Dufton hopes to open up the scientific debate to the wider public.

Auto-Biology is free to attend and open to all. It will run from October 2014 to March 2015 in the Centre for Co-Curricular Studies, 3rd floor of the Sherfield Building in Imperial College London. The opening night, on Thursday 16 October, will take place from 19.30 to 22.00 and is open to members of the public. The artwork is for sale.

Seen via Sean Ekins twitter feed (@collabchem).

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Super cool scientific art: How will humans be represented in the fossil record? #ErikHagen

Artist Erik Hagen considers what the legacy of humankind will be millions of years from now.

Fossils of the Anthropocene runs in the AAAS Art Gallery through November 19.

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See the view of Earth from the International Space Station in HD!!

Now you can see the view of Earth from the International Space Station in HD, thanks to NASA and cameras mounted on the ISS. 

While these new Earth science instruments collect valuable information on our changing planet, one current Earth observation study continuously streams live views of Earth directly to your desktop or mobile internet device. The High Definition Earth Viewing (HDEV) investigation allows anyone with an internet connection to view our world from above. Tune in to the HDEV live stream here.

If the stream is down when you hit the link, as it was for me, check out the video below for an example.

To date there have been millions of viewers looking at the High Definition Earth Viewing, or HDEV camera views. Four cameras are sitting on the exterior of the space station which stream live video of Earth for viewing online. The cameras are enclosed in a temperature specific housing and are exposed to the harsh radiation of space. Analysis of the effect of space on the video quality may help engineers decide which cameras are the best types to use on future missions. The Associate Program Scientist for Crew Earth Observations, Will Stefanov, tells us more.

Dance your PhD and you could win $1000 in the 7th annual AAAS and Science Magazine Contest #science

The 7th annual AAAS and Science sponsored ‘Dance Your PhD Contest’ is underway!

The dreaded question. “So, what’s your Ph.D. research about?” You take a deep breath and launch     into the explanation. People’s eyes begin to glaze over …

At times like these, don’t you wish you could just turn to the nearest computer and show people a video of your Ph.D. thesis interpreted in dance form?

Now you can! And while you’re at it, you can win $1000 and a free trip to California, achieve immortal geek fame on the Internet, and be recognized by Science for your effort.

Time to start choreographing, recruiting dancers, and finding someone to videotape! Entries are due September 29, 2014. Instructions for entering are here.

Here is and example from Cedric Tan (University of Oxford, thesis about sperm competition):



Reid Wiseman is the number 1 reason to join twitter, amazing pics from #ISS everyday #science

If you aren’t following Reid Wiseman on twitter, you should be. If you aren’t on twitter, join just to see these amazing pictures! @astro_reid

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Art meets science meets science fiction with tree of 40 fruit! #SamVanAken

Check out this awesome Tedx talk by artist/scientist Sam Van Aken. He describes in detail how he sculpts stone fruit trees that produce 40 different fruits through use of grafting (background from wikipedia). They also produce unique and beautiful flowering patterns. Very cool use of grafting for science, art, and food! Check out Sam’s website! http://www.samvanaken.com