Sen. Elizabeth Warren supports science based policy for FDA blood donation!

Senator Elizabeth Warren continues to be an amazing advocate for SCIENCE and SCIENCE-based policy. The FDA recently renewed the ban on blood donation by many Americans (specifically by members of the LGBT community), Senator Warren tweeted her frustration. More info on the … Continue reading

Science Quotable: Senator Elizabeth Warren – life-saving medical research should be a top priority!

We won’t create change here in Washington without a strong powerful group of people, patients, researchers, advocates making the case outside Washington. How we spend our money must align with our values, and a top priority for this country must … Continue reading

Senator Elizabeth Warren Video message supporting Biomedical Research! @FORsymp

The recent Future of Research Symposium in Boston included a video message from Senator Elizabeth Warren about supporting and advocating for biomedical research. A must watch for researchers, advocates, and fans of the Senator! Definitely a fangirl moment for me!!! [tweet] … Continue reading

Lots of talk about Science at day 1 of the DNC #ImWithHer #DemsLoveScience #Proscience

So overjoyed to hear so many comments about science at the first day of the DNC! If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the speeches from science supporters Michelle Obama, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders! Here are some snippets: … Continue reading