Jim Carrey throws anti-science twitter tantrum against California’s new vaccination law, makes fool of himself #science #irony

Earlier this week California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law a contentious, but scientifically supported, bill enforcing strict school vaccination requirements!!! Following the signing, Jim Carrrey went on a rant on twitter raging against the bill. Carrey claims that he’s not anti-vaccine, just anti- ‘toxins’ in vaccines. … Continue reading

The AMAZING Dr. Anthony Fauci on public health and vaccinations #RachelMaddowShow

Anti-Vaccination: An Extreme Public Health Risk | msnbc Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, talks with Rachel Maddow about the health risks associated with not being vaccinated, and the importance of dispelling the … Continue reading

CauseScience reader question: Influenza vaccination and tired anti-vaccine talking points #science

This is the first CauseScience reply to a question from a reader (via facebook, image above)!! The reader asked what CauseScience makes of the flu vaccine, and posted a BMJ article from Peter Doshi about the influenza vaccine, “Influenza: marketing … Continue reading

Emily Oster explains and shows evidence for why we should aim for 100 percent vaccination #science

Emily Oster has written a terrific post for FiveThirtyEight about vaccinations and why we should aim for 100 percent vaccination. You may recall CauseScience’s previous post about herd immunity here. Oster puts together a great explanation for why we should vaccinate as many … Continue reading

Stories of adverse events from vaccines matter – explained @ConversationUS

Stories of vaccine-related harms are influential, even when people don’t believe them Laura Scherer, University of Missouri-Columbia; Brian Zikmund-Fisher, University of Michigan; Niraj Patel, University of Missouri-Columbia, and Victoria Shaffer, University of Missouri-Columbia In 2013 a boy who was given … Continue reading