Retraction of 3 scientific papers = crazy fraud + sad editor #retractionwatch

Retraction Watch has a terrific summary of a recent triple retraction at PLOS One. Check out the article for lots more info and the blog itself for information on scientific publication retractions. Sad that this is the state of science right now, … Continue reading

Retraction of science papers: Is peer-review to blame??

  Nikolaus Kriegeskorte has written a very thoughtful and intriguing article about the recent explosion of scientific publications retractions (Check it out at The Conversation). The article discusses the possibility that the current, but outdated, peer-review system may be to blame for the trend … Continue reading

Springer Publishing retracts 64 papers due to fake peer review – Investigation please… #science

The Washington Post reports on the announcement by Springer Publishing that it is retracting 64 papers due to problems with the peer-review of the papers. Namely, that the peer reviewers were fake, or made up, or the authors’ themselves. In the … Continue reading

The WEAK case against double-blind peer review – highlighting why we need it!! #science @NatureNews

NATURE this week feature a correspondence from Thomas E. DeCoursey reasoning against double-blind peer review. In my humble opinion his reasoning is flawed…. not unlike the current peer-review structure. To air out my laundry, I support a completely open or double-blind system … Continue reading

Does less money encourage scientists to cut corners?? Richard Harris reports for @NPR

We at CauseScience have certainly been WOWed by the terrific reporting by Richard Harris and NPR on current issues in biomedical science over the last week! However, the article above on NPR from Richard Harris seems considerably less supportive of scientists. The article points out some very … Continue reading

Scientists, what happens when we stop trusting each other? #science

Check out this great post by Neuroskeptic, which addresses the issue of trust between scientists. While scientists are supposed to be skeptical of conclusions implied from published results, we need to be able to trust the methods and results themselves.  Science fraud, questionable research … Continue reading

Sad news: Yoshiki Sasai commits suicide (co-author on 2 Nature STAP stem cell papers)

Huffington Post reports that Yoshiki Sasai has apparently committed suicide. Sasai was a mentor and co-author on the 2 retracted Nature papers that describe STAP (stimulus-triggered acquisition of pluripotency) stem cells. Sasai’s team retracted the research papers from British science journal … Continue reading