US vaccine researcher gets prison time for blatantly faking data – #misconduct #science

In my personal opinion, the prison sentence for Dong-Pyou Han accurately punishes his blatant faking of data and disregard for science as a whole. A former Iowa State University scientist was sentenced to four-and-a-half years in prison for altering blood samples to make it seem … Continue reading

Criminal charges and possible jail time for scientific fraud and research misconduct #abouttime

  Federal prosecutors are filing charges against Dong-Pyou Han after a major case of disgusting research misconduct having to do with a breakthrough AIDS vaccine. Great news article here. Investigators say former Iowa State University laboratory manager Dong-Pyou Han has … Continue reading

Steven Hill post on openness, research integrity, and research misconduct

A great post by Steven Hill about research misconduct and what we can/should do about it. His post here. “Research misconduct happens. There is less certainty about how much research misconduct, but there is no doubt that we need a policy response … Continue reading

The WEAK case against double-blind peer review – highlighting why we need it!! #science @NatureNews

NATURE this week feature a correspondence from Thomas E. DeCoursey reasoning against double-blind peer review. In my humble opinion his reasoning is flawed…. not unlike the current peer-review structure. To air out my laundry, I support a completely open or double-blind system … Continue reading

The ethics of authorship in scientific publication, explained @TheConversation

Tackling unethical authorship deals on scientific publications By Isaac Santos; Carlos Duarte, University of Western Australia; Damien Maher; Peter Macreadie, University of Technology, Sydney, and Scott G Johnston The research excellence of academics is often measured by the quantity and … Continue reading

Does less money encourage scientists to cut corners?? Richard Harris reports for @NPR

We at CauseScience have certainly been WOWed by the terrific reporting by Richard Harris and NPR on current issues in biomedical science over the last week! However, the article above on NPR from Richard Harris seems considerably less supportive of scientists. The article points out some very … Continue reading

Sad news: Yoshiki Sasai commits suicide (co-author on 2 Nature STAP stem cell papers)

Huffington Post reports that Yoshiki Sasai has apparently committed suicide. Sasai was a mentor and co-author on the 2 retracted Nature papers that describe STAP (stimulus-triggered acquisition of pluripotency) stem cells. Sasai’s team retracted the research papers from British science journal … Continue reading