Lack of funding dampens scientists’ moods #ThankYouCaptainObvious

From an article on Nature Jobs, even though scientists may be happy with their research, lack of funding is eroding their spirits.  From the post: Although nearly two-thirds of the survey’s 7,216 respondents across the world report being satisfied or very satisfied with … Continue reading

NPR is keeping it real reporting on science and science funding this week!

NPR has done a lot of hard-hitting reporting on science and science funding this week. Yesterday CauseScience posted an NPR article about ‘US Science Suffering From Booms and Busts in Funding.’ Now there are two equally great reports from NPR about … Continue reading

Bear scare at NIH campus = hilarious NIH funding commentary #NIH_Bear

A cute black bear invaded the NIH campus in Bethesda, MD today (News article in Washington Post). After being chased and tranquilized it was moved off the campus. However, not before it gained popularity, and a hilarious twitter account (@NIH_Bear). Not only … Continue reading

Renee Cramer explains where presidential candidates stand on contraception-@Smilla1972 @ConversationUS

Where do the 2016 candidates stand on contraception? Renee Cramer, Drake University Access to safe and effective birth control is part of health care for tens of millions of Americans. The vast majority of Americans view birth control as “morally … Continue reading