Mukherjee’s controversial piece on epigenetics #Drama

The scientific community is in uproar over Siddhartha Mukherjee’s latest piece for the New Yorker titled: Same but Different (you may know him from his novel Emperor of all maladies: a biography of cancer). His article highlights the study of epigenetics, … Continue reading

Science communication training gets strategic @ConversationUS #scicomm

Science communication training should be about more than just how to transmit knowledge John Besley, Michigan State University and Anthony Dudo, University of Texas at Austin For some scientists, communicating effectively with the public seems to come naturally. Astrophysicist Neil … Continue reading

COOL! What happens to your DNA after a year in space?

Click for video! Science writer Carl Zimmer talks to Geneticist Christopher Mason at Weill Cornell Medicine in NYC about his mission to study the DNA of astronauts. He’s part of a team of scientists who are examining blood and other … Continue reading