Unearthing a new Defender of #Science!! Evolution debate between ESPN baseball analysts results in firing, then reinstatement of @KeithLaw

In case you missed it, we have a new Defender of Science (and evolution) in an unexpected place! Background here: Curt Shilling and Keith Law, both ESPN baseball analysts, engaged in a twitter debate about evolution and science. Curt Shilling posted a number of tweets questioning evolution, which Keith Law … Continue reading

Science Quotable: Suzanne Ffolkes from Research!America #DefenderofScience

  In fact, many americans are still not aware of where research is conducted in our country, and largely scientists are invisible to the public. Our public opinion polling shows that many americans cannot name a living scientist, which is … Continue reading

Science Quotable: Steven Salzberg #DefenderofScience

In this week’s Science magazine, former Republican Congressman John Porter calls on scientists to “speak up for research.” Well, I’m all in. We’re in the midst of a remarkable stream of scientific and medical advances, spurred by dramatic advances in biotechnology, computing, … Continue reading

AIBS Public Policy will help you become a #defenderofscience

Definitely check out AIBS Public Policy website. This organization can help you become an advocate for science policy. CauseScience will certainly be using their website and advocacy toolkit to keep up-to-date on science policy in Washington. The AIBS Public Policy Office … Continue reading

John Edward Porter calls on scientists to defend science… in ‘Science’ #again #defendersofscience

John Edward Porter takes his case for science to SCIENCE. I recently posted his statement from Research!America. Now he has taken to the high impact factor journal to plea to scientists to become engaged and speak up for research. Scientists … Continue reading

Board Chair of Research!America calls on all scientists #defendersofscience

John Edward Porter, chair of the board of Research!America Board Chair Message Science in government today is under siege. Health services research and the social sciences are under attack. Sequestration, the automatic spending cuts, is still the law of the … Continue reading