Republican Senator James Inhofe confuses weather and climate #snow=noclimatechange?

Senator James Inhofe seems completely crazy in this clip confusing weather and climate change. He seems to claim that climate change doesnt exist… ’cause snowball. It turns out that a lot of ignorant people make this same mistake, or just … Continue reading

Is all the crazy winter weather due to Climate Change? Jennifer Francis explains @ConversationUK

A melting Arctic and weird weather: the plot thickens By Jennifer Francis, Rutgers University Everyone loves to talk about the weather, and this winter Mother Nature has served up a feast to chew on. Few parts of the US have … Continue reading

Fox News host confuses weather and climate… probably not the first time #Science #AlGore

[tweet] Anti-science quotable? Dunno, but this was too ridiculous to not post. Weather, such as a blizzard is not the same as climate change, or global warming… read a book. Seems like most of Todd Starnes twitter feed is ridiculous … Continue reading

House Science Committee and Chair Lamar Smith should focus on science, not politics #climate @NOAA

Chairman of House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology Lamar Smith thinks that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) should focus on studying weather patterns rather than climate. Lamar Smith stated this, and a lot of misinformation, at a … Continue reading

Anti-science Republican candidates silent on climate agreement #COP21 #science

There is a terrific editorial in the New York Times on the blaring silence from Republican presidential candidates following the historic Paris climate agreement. Turns out that science and 195 nations are hard to argue with… especially when you are arguing with … Continue reading

10 things to know about the #climate talks in Paris

Today marks the beginning of a two-week long U.N. climate conference in Paris. Despite the recent terrorist attacks, leaders from around the world (including Obama) will be there with the goals of passing world-wide measures to halt climate change. NPR … Continue reading

CO2 global average crosses symbolic 400 ppm mark – #climate #redcups #realredproblems #COP21

After posting my red cup meme image yesterday, I saw the new report below, so why not make another image showing an actual red problem that should be getting attention and controversy instead of festive cups?? A new report from the World Meteorological … Continue reading

Last night Hurricane Patricia became the strongest storm EVER observed… and is headed towards Mexico. #climatechange #WhyImWatching

[tweet] NBC News reports on the developing Hurricane Patricia, which is now the strongest hurricane ever recorded and is on a path to hit Mexico. Other meteorologists commented on the super storm on social media, including fan favorite Jim Cantore who took … Continue reading