@LamarSmithTX21 wrong on climate change… AGAIN. #tired @HouseScience @factcheckdotorg

Representative Lamar Smith heads the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology –  and is essentially as anti-science as you can get when it comes to climate change (see our many posts about Smith here). This week FactCheck.org gives Lamar … Continue reading

Lot’s of talk about Climate Change at the #Oscars

For the first time this year, the Oscars provided a “ticker” that scrolled through all the thank you’s for Oscar winners, allowing them to use their time on stage to discuss something in addition to who they’d like to thank. Lot’s … Continue reading

Leonardo DiCaprio includes climate change in Oscars acceptance speech! #momentforaction #climate #fangirl

In case you didn’t watch the Academy Awards last night – spoiler alert – Leonardo DiCaprio finally won Best Actor for The Revenant! Whether that matters to you or not, Leo continued his vocal stance on climate change and mentioned it … Continue reading

The moral case on climate change! explained by Lawrence Torcello @US_Conversation #COP21

Making the moral case on climate change ahead of Paris summit Lawrence Torcello, Rochester Institute of Technology Much of the general public is well aware of scientists’ recommendations on climate change. In particular, climate scientists and other academics say society … Continue reading

President Obama talks climate change in ALASKA – science, politics, and a warning #ActOnClimate

[tweet https://twitter.com/WhiteHouse/status/638521414555959296] Super happy to see President Obama talking about climate change scientifically (see the White House climate change plan here). We are part of the problem and HAVE to be the solution. It’s a little late to be having this discussion … Continue reading