Top 6 #GMO news stories from @GeneticLiteracy #GLPTop6!

Moms Across America claims GM salmon not kosher, but Jewish law, tradition say otherwise by Stephan Neidenbach Cellular clock may help improve cancer treatment, forensic science by Nicholas Staropoli Genetic engineering in Africa: Part 1: Bananas and Cassavas  || Part 2: Cautious embrace … Continue reading

@GeneticLiteracy top 6 new stories this week! #GMO #GLPTop6

Debunking 11 popular GMO Myths: Part I: Frankenfoods and Franken-corporations || Part II: Do GMOs pose health and ecological dangers? by Michael Hess & Peter Hess Making monkeys just to suffer: Is new autism model ethical? by Meredith Knight Stopping global hunger will require mix … Continue reading

Get educated about GMO’s with Elizabeth Bent! – @US_Conversation #science

Not all GMO plants are created equally: it’s the trait, not the method, that’s important Elizabeth Bent, University of Guelph Many people have strong opinions about genetically modified plants, also known as genetically modified organisms or GMOs. But sometimes there’s … Continue reading