CauseScience Friday- May 13th!

Happy CauseScience Friday everyone! Although today is supposed to be unlucky (Friday the 13th, eek!), things seem to be going well experimentally for us!

Crestwind24– I am doing a little bit of lab work today, but mostly I am mostly working hard on data and image analysis to put into a powerpoint presentation for a talk next week. While this work can seem tedious, communicating results in a clear and meaningful way is super super super important skill for scientists to develop. Wish me luck!!


pgurel– Today I’m using fluorescence microscopy to look at my favorite filamentous protein, actin, on a unique surface. My actin filaments are on EM grids so that in the future, I can look at them using cryo-EM to understand their structure. I’m using fluorescence microscopy first to confirm that the filaments are happily on the grids. You can see I’m giving a thumbs up because this set-up seems to have worked! YAY!


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