Now we can see what the Zika virus looks like! #science #CryoEM

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 11.04.48 AM.png

Kuhn and Rossman Research groups/ Purdue University. From


Scientists at Purdue have just published the structure of the Zika virus in Science this week! Using Cryo EM (hey, that’s what I do!), they were able to obtain a 3.8 angstrom resolution reconstruction of the virus. Basically what that means is that we now know what the virus actually looks like, so this will help scientists figure out how to target it.

Summary from The Verge:

The report, published today in Science, describes the virus as a spherical structure resembling that of the dengue virus and other viruses in its genus, known as “flaviviruses.” But the 3D rendition also reveals some important differences. For example, scientists found the virus’ outer shell is slightly different from that of other viruses. This could help researchers attack the virus as a whole, or at the very least, prevent it from attaching to human cells.

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