Kasich seems to have the right opinion on climate change #climate #GOP

In contrast to Marco Rubio last night, John Kasich seems to be moving in the right direction in terms of his stance on climate change. FINALLY someone in the GOP seems to be having somewhat rational thoughts on this matter (from Huffington Post):

Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) knows human activity contributes to climate change, but that doesn’t mean he’s against it.

“I do believe we contribute to climate change,” he said. “We want all the sources of energy. We want to dig coal but we want to clean it when we burn it. We believe in natural gas, we believe in nuclear power, and you know what else I believe in? I happen to believe in solar energy, wind energy, efficiency, renewables.”

He later clarified that, “we don’t know how much humans actually contribute.”

YAAAAS Kasich… thank you for admitting that humans contribute to climate change, and that solar and wind energy are viable alternatives.

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