Astronaut Scott Kelly to head home today after #YearInSpace

Be sure to watch along on NASA TV as Astronaut Scott Kelly completes his Year in Space and heads back home to Mother Earth today. Live coverage begins at 4:15pm EST with a farewell and hatch closure. De-orbit and landing coverage should begin around 10:15pm and touch down in Kazakhstan is expected around 11:25pm.

Kelly, along with Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko, will head back today after spending 340 straight days in space (ok, so it’s not a full year… but it’s WAY more time than you’ve spent in space). This year-long mission will help NASA and other scientists understand how the human body adapts to long periods of time in space and in 0 gravity -not to mention, Scott Kelly has a twin whose spent this whole time on Earth, which makes for a nice control (check out some details on how space may affect the body here). This is all in efforts to hopefully begin manned missions to Mars #PlanningForTheFuture.

Also, be sure to check out some of Astronaut Kelly’s amazing space pics featured in National Geographic!




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