Anti-Science Quotable: GOP candidates on winter storm Jonas

As if winter storm Jonas wasn’t terrible enough on it’s own, GOP candidates have been weighing in with their opinions. Compiled by Huffington Post:

Sen. Cruz Issues Statement on “Climate Change” and Winter Storm Jonas

North Conway, N.H. — U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) January 20th released a statement on President Obama’s failed policy as related to Winter Storm Jonas:

“Even as End Times-levels of snow are headed to our nation’s capital city, the Obama Administration continues to propagate the false religion of “climate change,” indulging the educated elite while normal Americans prepare for a completely routine historic blizzard event.”

“While liberal, left-leaning Democratic activists and so-called scientists may insist that extreme weather events like Winter Storm Jonas, in tandem with increasingly warmer record average temperatures, are warning signs of their so-called climate change, the satellite data simply isn’t there. These extreme fluctuations — and the national security risks that they cause for our men and women overseas — merit no government intervention or consideration of policy proposals. Ever. At all.”

Sen. Cruz continued: “I look forward to joining Sens. Inhoffe and Wicker for a snowball fight upon my…

As for my opinions on Senator Cruz’s statements, check out this previous post. It’s increasingly worrisome that this guy is running for president (and doing surprisingly well in the polls…)

Jeb! (Bush) Reacts to the Impending Snow Storm

Ames, IA — “When I was governor or Florida we never had snow and I have the non-erased e-mails to prove it. Mr. Trump and Senator Cruz may claim that they would prevent snow, but I’m the only candidate with proven solutions to prevent snow and be the best! candidate to beat Hillary Clinton.

“When I’m president, HEY — STOP LAUGHING!. When I’m president I’ll go to every single person’s house and shovel their driveway. Because that’s the kind of person I am — I care.”

That’s just false and unrealistic.

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin

“While these media heads are spinning about the impending snow coldness attack, why don’t we just say “no thank ya” to this global warming line, thinking about the real Americans who have to shovel walks not made for DC highbrow elites and we’ll stand strong against this ice-IS threat.”

No. Just no.


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