#SCIENCE celebrity – Scientists win Breakthrough Prizes at star-studded ceremony!

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Last night a new group of scientists got to experience true celebrity- or as close as scientists can get to celebrity. The Breakthrough Prizes include a hefty monetary prize, and an award show with pop celebrities and a red carpet! You may remember my post about this awesome event from last year. Well this year’s ceremony was no different.

The red carpet event may have appeared like something for Hollywood’s elite — Pharrell, Russell Crowe, Hilary Swank, Christina Aguilera, and other celebrities were in attendance — but it was specifically for the science world. Seven groundbreaking research projects and the masterminds behind them were selected by a committee of previous winners to be honored.

Winners included Karl Deisseroth and Ed Boyden for their groundbreaking discovery of optogenetics in neuroscience research!! See the rest of the winners here, including life sciences, math, and physics.

[tweet https://twitter.com/hannahkuchler/status/663566324208046080]

Below is the video for the Breakthrough Junior Challenge – which invited high school students to share their passion for math and science in videos. This year it was awarded to Ryan Chester, of North Royalton, Ohio.

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