Not up for debate: The science behind vaccines

As a follow up to our Anti-Quotable post on the vaccination topic during the GOP debate, here are a few more facts on the science behind vaccination courtesy of Aaron E. Carroll in the New York Times:

  • Vaccines aren’t linked to autism.

  • The number of vaccines children receive is not more concerning than it used to be.

  • Delaying their administration provides no benefit, while leaving children at risk.

  • All the childhood vaccines are important.

The entire article does a good job summarizing current research in the field of vaccines and discrediting the comments from the GOP debate.  The final message?

All of the vaccines save lives.

It would be better for our vaccination policy for this not even to be a topic for debate, certainly not by those who aren’t immersed in the science of vaccines.

Debating any of these facts does no one any good.

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