CauseScience Friday, June 19th 2015 #science #Friday

We apologize for the long break in CauseScience Friday, but we are bringing it BACK!

psgurel- Today I’m finishing up a cryo electron microscopy session (similar to what I’ve done before) trying to collect images of actin filaments decorated with a motor protein called myosin (you may have heard about actin and myosin before because of their role in muscle contraction)! A big part of this structural technique is to collect several images in order to get high resolution reconstructions of what you’re looking at – the problem: once you start imaging, you basically can’t stop (or else your sample will be ruined), so that means loooong hours on the microscope. On the left is a snapchat of myself looking very chipper last night, on the right is a raw image of actin with myosin, scale bar in nanometers!

 IMG_2071 IMG_2070

crestwind24- Today I am finishing up some experiments before I leave for the 2015 C. elegans International Meeting in Los Angeles next week. I have sent my poster for printing and I am putting together my itinerary for the conference!! I will be tweeting some cool things from the meeting, so check out @CauseScience1 or #Worm15. My picture this week is of some signs that appeared in my lab following the Tim Hunt controversy – Caution mixed gender lab. The signs were put up by an awesome grad student in the lab. #distractinglysexyfriday

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