Participate in the NSF Graduate Education Forum!

Check it out.  NSF is running a three-month pilot forum intended to encourage discussion among U.S. graduate-education stakeholders.  The details:

Recent reports recommend several courses of action to improve U.S. STEM graduate education, but many of these reports lack input from the graduate education community broadly. This forum will provide the NSF Division of Graduate Education (DGE) a direct connection with graduate students, faculty, university administrators, employers, and others who want to contribute to the national dialogue. To get stakeholder input, the DGE will host moderated conversations on this forum. The DGE will post discussion questions in four broad topic areas: Diversity and broadening participation; campus to careers; the graduate education experience; and mentoring. The intent is to provide a forum for graduate education stakeholders to discuss challenges in graduate education and to propose innovative ideas to improve outcomes. The DGE will respond to general themes within the community discussion, but will not use the forum to answer questions about specific NSF programs. However, the comments and ideas shared on the forum will inform both the NSF and national dialogue about the state of STEM graduate education and new strategic directions.

How to participate:

We are very excited to have you participate in this national dialogue on graduate education. Therefore we have included many features to enhance your experience. First, you will find links to the four topic categories under “Discussion Topics” tab at the top of this page. Follow those links to see the questions and conversations under each topic.

You may add your comments to the questions that NSF poses or you may respond directly to other users’ comments or questions. You may post your opinion on the topic and you may include links to resources, videos, photos, reports and other items outside of this forum. It is not necessary to sign up for a WordPress account to participate in the forum, and you may post anonymously by leaving the “name” box blank under a comment box.

Get involved and participate in the NSF Graduate Education Forum.  Our input matters!

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