The Science behind March Madness #Bracketology

The Madness is in full swing! For all of you filling out brackets this year, here is some “science” behind how to fill out your bracket.  Some statistics to keep in mind and advice from bracketologist Brad Evans:

  • At least one 12-seed has advanced beyond the opening round in 13 of the past 14 years of the NCAA tournament… In the second round, those 12-seeds that win that opening round matchup, right around 44 percent have advanced on to the Sweet 16. So if you’re looking for a team to win a couple of games with a double-digit seed, usually it’s the 12-over-5.
  • It’s important when you’re filling out tournament pick ‘em pool sheet to zig when everybody else zags. I think Kentucky is probably one of those teams that 60 to 65 percent of the tourney pick ‘em universe will pick to win the whole enchilada. But, I think a Virginia, I think a Wisconsin, I think even an Oklahoma could cut down the nets in Indianapolis and thwart everybody’s hopes that Kentucky will do the exact same.
  • I think a lot of people get too giddy about upsets… Ultimately, when you’re filling out your bracket it’s important to pick a handful of upsets. Just don’t go nuts.
  • In terms of longevity and success in the tournament, it’s all about balance… Since 2000, all of the teams that have made it to the Final Four, they’ve averaged inside the top 20 in terms of overall national ranking in offensive and defensive efficiency.
  • Geography will play a factor. Kentucky probably won’t play too far away from home overall. A lot of the higher seeds, they typically try to get a close to their hometowns as possible. But yes, it’ll definitely play a factor overall.

Keep in mind, you have a 1 in 9,223,372,036,854,775,808 shot at filling out a perfect bracket!

May the odds be ever in your favor!

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