Boston breaks record for snowiest winter evah #Snowmygod

According to the National Weather Service, Boston has broken a record for the snowiest winter:


The National Weather Service said the city received 108.6in (275.8cm) of snow this winter, beating the 1995-1996 record of 107.6 inches.

The record was broken around 19:00 local time (23:00 GMT) on Sunday, when 2.9in fell on the city.

This season, the Massachusetts city saw more snowfall than any winter since 1872, when records were first kept.

Extreme weather patterns are all just another sign of climate change.  While Boston is buried under snow, California is experiencing an extreme drought… and some say that it only has one year left of water.  Climate change, or “global warming” results in extreme weather.  Although the average global temperatures are on the rise, this net result produces lots of different local weather patterns.  Essentially, the crazy amounts of snow in Boston are NOT evidence against global warming. The Boston Globe does a nice job explaining how this works:

Q. Can you explain how a warming climate might affect snowfall?

A. There are two competing effects as the climate warms: the increasing temperature causes a changeover from snow to rain, but it also increases the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere. For a particular place and time of year, which effect wins out depends on the temperature to begin with.

Q. Most people would think that a warmer climate would mean less snow, more modest blizzards. Why would big storms become more intense?

A. For relatively mild regions, we would expect heavy snowfall to become increasingly rare as the climate warms. But in colder regions, heavy snowfalls can become more frequent because of increases in the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere or, in some cases, because of changes in the circulation of the atmosphere, such as a shift in position of the storm track.

And no, throwing a snowball at congress does not counter the mountains of scientific data supporting climate change either.

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