What to do with the number 2?… #EbolaPoo


But actually.  Liberia is celebrating going one week without a new case of Ebola (hurrah!), however, now that the illness is subsiding, another issue is emerging: what to do with the tons and tons of Ebola-infected sewage aka Ebola poo.  PRI reports:

“Everyone thinks that Ebola poo only remains dangerous for seven days,” he said. “That’s the guess. But like everything in this outbreak, no one can be certain.”

Until now, clinics and hospitals across the country have been storing all human waste as a precautionary measure, fearing that any attempt to dispose of it normally might spread the virus further. That could only ever be a temporary solution.

The preferred alternative presents its own difficulties, however. To render the infected sewage safe, the authorities have decided to treat it at a single central sewage plant. To get it there, it needs to be transported by truck to the plant, often through urban areas. According to Doyle, an early proposal to accompany the trucks with police outriders and sirens was rejected as likely to cause too much anxiety among residents.

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