Why ‘I’m not a scientist’ is not an excuse for politicians – David Shiffman #climatechange @WhySharksMatter

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Check out David Shiffman‘s evisceration of politicians who use ‘I’m not a scientist’ as an excuse in this article on slate.com. Also on why that excuse for denying climate change is so harmful. If you don’t follow Shiffman, a marine biologist, on twitter – you should! – @WhySharksMatter

When politicians say “I’m not a scientist,” it is an exasperating evasion. It’s a cowardly way to avoid answering basic and important policy questions. This response raises lots of other important questions about their decision-making processes. Do they have opinions on how to best maintain our nation’s highways, bridges, and tunnels—or do they not because they’re not civil engineers? Do they refuse to talk about agriculture policy on the grounds that they’re not farmers? How do they think we should be addressing the threat of ISIS? They wouldn’t know, of course; they’re not military generals.

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