CauseScience Friday! Jan 16th #science #selfie

crestwind24– Today I am at an all day meeting in NYC, the New York Area Worm Meeting! Basically, the meeting consists of discussions and presentations from labs that study C. elegans in New York City and the surrounding area! Very excited for a nice day of research talks downtown at NYU!! Followed by sushi with my co-workers this evening!!


psgurel– Getting my hands wet with my first round of experiments in a new lab!  I will be doing a lot of structural biology, specifically trying to determine high resolution structures of cytoskeletal elements.  One technique I’ll be using in the new lab is Cryo Electron Microscopy.  This is different from negative stain EM (as mentioned on a previous CauseScience Friday); the method of preparing samples is different and much trickier: samples are flash frozen in liquid ethane (which is liquid at -180C… COLD) so they maintain their natural/native state.  This gives us a much better idea of how these proteins ACTUALLY look.  Today I am imaging samples that have already prepared the day before!



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