Scientists into criminals – update – Colombian researcher Diego Gomez faces 8 years in prison for sharing article #openaccess #YoComparto

deigomezCheck out the OpenScience article written by Diego Gomez, the Colombian master’s student who faces 4-8 years in prison for sharing an academic article over the internet with fellow researchers and students (a Master’s thesis).

I urge institutions that support research with public funds to encourage their recipients to publish their results in a way that assures equal access to information. Moreover, I call for researchers to back open access, in this way, we support the mitigation of inequality of science in our countries, we stay away from the illegality in the access to information, we can turn our research into an engine for development in our countries, and above all we will avoid that no other person like me, sees themselves involved in weary penal processes. Finally, I call to legislators and the managers of public policies, to cast their eye onto authors’ rights, because this situation can turn a scientist into a criminal.

If you missed it, here is the previous CauseScience post about Diego Gomez. Also, check out the Karisma Foundation and this Nature News blog post. Here is the link to Diego’s previously posted open letter. Diego can be found on twitter here –@diegogomezhoyos . Also sign this petition to promote open access worldwide.

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