CauseScience weekly roundup, Dec 5th, 2014 #Science

Will jewelry based on inner ear structure become a new fashion trend?? It should, because it is awesome!

Cities are in danger with climate change!

Weekly message from Research!America’s Mary Woolley.

NPR examines if Vani Hari, Food Babe, is fear-mongering – from the viewpoint of scientists!’s Absurd Creature of the week – Treehoppers!

Super cool video analysis of the Orion launch– math, physics, and science win!!

Science movies galore this month!!! “Imitation Game based on Alan Turing and “The Theory of Everything” based on Stephen Hawking!

New study suggests HIV is evolving, and becoming weaker and less able to cause AIDS.

World Climate Talks in Lima hope to go further than Kyoto Treaty!!

A super typhoon is targeting the Philippine Islands. Hagupit, NOOOOOOO!

Bill Nye continues his debate over Genetically Modified Organisms… are you a science guy or not?

15-minute saliva test for Ebola is so hot right now! Important for stopping the Ebola Outbreak.

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