#Ebola Quotable: President Obama on ebola in USA and West Africa


Our efforts to identify, isolate, and then treat ebola patients can work. America has proven that it can handle the isolated cases that may occur here.

We are nowhere near out of the woods yet in West Africa.

The bottom line is, that we know how to treat this disease, given that it has emerged in such a large significant outbreak in these areas, and we recently saw some cases in Mali. It underscores how important it is to continue to push forward until we stamp out this disease entirely in that region. Until we do, there are threats if additional outbreaks, and given the nature of international travel, it means that everybody has some measure of risk

Here at home we have made great progress in preparing our healthcare system to deal with any possible threat. Our scientists continue to make progress with vaccines and treatments, but we have got plenty of work to do. All of this means that although we should feel optimistic about our capacity to solve the Ebola crisis, we cannot be complacent simply because the news attention on it has waned. We have to stay with it.

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