Texas Textbooks Need to Get the Climate-Change Facts Straight

OK, maybe this isn’t as dramatic as what’s going on in Arizona, but a new draft of textbooks in Texas seems to miss the facts when it comes to climate change.

From an op-ed in the Austin American Statesman, climate scientist Camille Parmesan and AAAS CEO Alan I. Leshner urges the Texas State Board of Education to reject draft textbooks, unless they are edited to correct climate-change facts.

Some proposed Texas textbooks would badly misinform K-12 students by falsely suggesting that scientists do not agree on what is causing climate change and by incorrectly suggesting a future cooling trend. Two draft textbooks — astoundingly — even confuse climate change with the ozone hole, which is a completely separate concern and driven by different human actions.

The consensus that humans are causing climate change has been bolstered again and again by scientific evidence published in thousands of peer-reviewed studies and in public statements by virtually every leading scientific organization. From the scientific perspective, there are simply no longer “two sides” to the climate-change story: The debate is over. The jury is in, and humans are the culprit.

Children cannot compete in the global marketplace of the future unless they achieve science literacy. Texas educators should reject the new textbooks unless they are edited to address the serious concerns outlined by the National Center for Science Education. Students deserve to know the true scientific facts about human-caused climate change.

Let’s get real people, this should NOT be an issue anymore.  It’s scary to think of what will happen if this type of misinformation becomes mainstream in public education.

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