November 7th CauseScience Friday! #science

psgurel – I’ve spent most of this week turning in my thesis and preparing for my defense next week. But today, I’m taking a break from all of that and repeating an experiment!  Oftentimes, we must repeat experiments to prove that we are confident in our results.  While it may not be thrilling to do the same experiment again, it is awesome when a result is reproducible! Today, I’m doing a similar kinetic experiment as I did on Sept 19th. Woohoo!


crestwind24 – Today one of the graduate students in my lab is defending her PhD. I love going to PhD talks, it is always fun and interesting to see the story that has developed with the training of a new scientist!! Last night and this morning I spent a bunch of time baking a cake for her in the form of a C. elegans. It is a chocolate cake with cream cheese pudding frosting! The green dots and lines represent the two neurons that she has studied in her thesis! Good Luck and Congrats to Dr. Pat!!



Past CauseScience Friday posts! 

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