Good news on the #Ebola outbreak! New ebola cases in Liberia are decreasing!

lib(image credit: WHO)

Some good news about the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. The latest situation report from the World Health Organization shows that new cases in Liberia, the country with the highest number of cases to date, are decreasing!!! That is welcome news, and indicates that the fight against the outbreak is working!!

There appears to be some evidence of a decline at the national level in Liberia, although new case numbers remain high in parts of the country. While Liberia did not report any confirmed cases in its situation reports in the past week, it reported 89 probable cases.

There is also some good news about Ebola in the US! Info on the CDC website shows that almost all of the possible Ebola contacts in Dallas have completed monitoring, meaning they are beyond the crucial 21 days! Of the 177 potential contacts, only 27 are still being monitored! Woohoo!


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