@ErinGoBrain…. defining science communication by what it isn’t #WedORF #science

Check out this great post from Erin Go Brain. It is part of the blog’s weekly feature Wednesday Open Reading Frame, which highlights “non-journal articles that, just like a biological ORF*, should be read all the way through. No long reflections; no stop codons. Just good reading.” Love the nerdiness… so clever! This week’s ORF post highlights a NatureJobs article about science communication as a career choice. In the words of Erin Go Brain:

The take-home point: science communication is a lot easier to define by what it ISN’T than by what it IS. It ISN’T just print media any longer, it ISN’T a sure thing, and it ISN’T “the easy alternative” to a research career. It’s often grueling, time-consuming, and promises at least as insecure a future as academia.

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