President Obama’s weekly message on #Ebola – MORE SCIENCE. LESS FEAR! #Itscatchingon

President Obama’s weekly address over the weekend focused on ebola and the facts! I think President Obama must have see the same subway ads that I did! The President clearly emphasizes that we need to follow the science and the facts, and not give in to fear!

First, you cannot get Ebola easily.  You can’t get it through casual contact with someone.  Remember, down in Dallas, even Mr. Duncan’s family—who lived with him and helped care for him—even they did not get Ebola.  The only way you can get this disease is by coming into direct contact with the bodily fluids of someone with symptoms.  That’s the science.  Those are the facts.

And we have to be guided by the science—we have to be guided by the facts, not fear.  Yesterday, New Yorkers showed us the way. They did what they do every day—jumping on buses, riding the subway, crowding into elevators, heading into work, gathering in parks.  That spirit—that determination to carry on—is part of what makes New York one of the great cities in the world.  And that’s the spirit all of us can draw upon, as Americans, as we meet this challenge together.

White House: Weekly Address: Focused on the Fight Against Ebola

In this week’s address, the President discusses the measures we are taking to respond to Ebola cases at home, while containing the epidemic at its source in West Africa. October 25, 2014.

2 thoughts on “President Obama’s weekly message on #Ebola – MORE SCIENCE. LESS FEAR! #Itscatchingon

  1. One nit-picky qualm. I like that he said “That’s the science. Those are the facts.” However his next sentence was “Sadly, Mr. Duncan did not survive, and we continue to keep his family in our prayers.” I also feel bad for his family, but I don’t like that he had to throw in “prayers” during his pro-science rant (I understand it helps politically, but I’m idealistic).


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