The first #Ebola case in Mali is much more unsettling than the #Ebola case in New York City


The total number cases of Ebola in the USA is currently at 9, with only 2 of those being transmitted within the country. The number of cases in the Ebola outbreak in West Africa is somewhere around 10,000! The World Health Organization has reported the first Ebola case in the West African country of Mali. While most of NYC is currently suffering from fear-bola (due to the latest ebola case in an NYC doctor), the spread of the ebola virus to Mali is much more unsettling. It signals the continued spread of the outbreak within and to countries much less equipped to handle the virus than the United States. The US health system has proven quite resilient, with only 2 transmitted cases amongst the many contacts and healthcare workers that could have had potential exposure to the virus. Hopefully this will continue with increased contact tracing, monitoring, and awareness. I also hope that the case in Mali is isolated and does not spread, but it should serve as yet another warning that until the outbreak in West Africa is handled, more ebola cases will continue to crop up around the globe.

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