October 24th CauseScience Friday! #selfie #science


psgurel – Rome wasn’t built in a day… and neither was this thesis.  I’m still tackling this behemoth, and have one week left until the thesis is officially due.  Additionally, I’m assembling a manuscript to be submitted next week for peer review in a scientific journal (it will also be a chapter in my thesis, woo!)  I apologize in advance for being off the grid for the next week!


crestwind24 – This morning I am working on my computer putting together a new ‘cartoon model’ of neuronal connections for my next lab meeting presentation. One of the huge perks of working on C. elegans is that there is a neuronal connectome, which means we know where all of the neurons are, where the neurons connect to each other, and how strong these connections are. Using the WormWiring.org database, I am compiling the connections between a number of neurons I am studying. Pretty Cool!

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