2014 is setting records for the warmest months EVER – add September to that list.

Global warming much? NOAA has reported that September 2014 was the warmest September on record (Photo credit: NOAA Climate.gov NCDC). This is in addition to 2014 setting the record for the warmest May, June, and August.

The January-September period has already tied for the warmest on record: four out of the nine months so far this year were record warm, one was second warmest, another was third warmest, and two more were fourth warmest.

Yikes! So is 2014 going to be the warmest year on record?

After looking at a variety of scenarios, NCDC scientists have calculated that all that has to happen for 2014 to set a new record for global warmth is for the remaining three months of the year to be at least as warm as their twenty-first century average.

2 thoughts on “2014 is setting records for the warmest months EVER – add September to that list.

  1. Don’t make outrageous sugestions like global warming , why any fool can see its a passing phase.
    The trouble with some people is they just won’t listen to common sense. Instead they believe these fool scientists. These greeks will tell you anything. If I had my way I’d have those scaremongerers arrested and jailed for disturbing the peace of law abiding citizens.


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