Unnecessary #Ebola fear fueled by media and politicians – calls for CDC Tom Frieden to resign #headslap

Despite that fact that Ebola is essentially a non-risk for Americans, Ebola is everywhere in the American news. In fact, a poll showed that 40% of Americans think they are at risk for getting Ebola. Not a day goes by without a news article or interview featuring CDC Director Tom Frieden or NIH NIAID Director Tony Fauci. Both of these men have communicated the facts about the Ebola outbreak, both in West Africa and in the United States, to the American people. AMAZINGLY, this is not actually either of their jobs’. This is the job of the US Surgeon General – which we currently don’t have due to Congress and the NRA. Over the last week, with flaws in the response to the Ebola patients in Dallas, Republicans and others in the media have criticized the CDC and Tom Frieden. They have even called for him to resign! First, Democrats blamed Republicans for the Ebola response due to funding cuts to the CDC, NIH, and hospitals. Now we have Republicans blaming the ebola response on poor leadership of Democratic appointees. The politicization of Ebola in America is ridiculous. The only impact Ebola will likely have in America is a lot of unnecessary fear created by the media and politicians – for their own gain.

Meanwhile, America and its politicians are still doing too little to fight the REAL Ebola outbreak in West Africa, where it is actually a problem impacting thousands of people. Not fighting the outbreak in West Africa is what is putting Americans at risk. With that, and to try to get more interaction at CauseScience, I present a poll on whether you think Tom Frieden should resign from the CDC>? I’m pretty sure you can guess where I stand…

One thought on “Unnecessary #Ebola fear fueled by media and politicians – calls for CDC Tom Frieden to resign #headslap

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