WTF CDC? Second Health Care Worker in Texas Confirmed To Have #Ebola… and was just on a plane?!?!?

The CDC has confirmed that a second health care work in Dallas has contracted Ebola after caring for Thomas Eric Duncan.


CDC has also confirmed that this second health care worker was on a plane from Cleveland to Dallas the day before coming down with a fever. I think the CDC is doing a lot of good things in fighting ebola, and has adjusted to new crises and cases in the US. And I realize that non-symptomatic infections are unlikely to spread… But I have to question why a health care worker who cared for an ebola patient was on a plane after a nurse caring for the same patient contracted the virus???? The CDC itself predicted that more Dallas health workers would likely be infected after possible lapses in protocols… so why were they not quarantined? or at least told not to fly???

Obviously I am not the only person who thinks this is ridiculous… come on CDC, I’m trying to root for you.

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