Anti-Science Quotable: Michigan Representative Dan ‘Im-a-scientist’ Benishek thinks climate science is bunk


Michigan GOP Congressman Dan Benishek, a former general surgeon, claims he is a scientist and doesn’t believe the many peer-reviewed scientific studies on climate change… even though he believes in peer-reviewed science. He also says, ‘well’ a whole heck of a lot. Check out the video on Huffington Post here.

The climate may be changing, but I don’t think man is contributing to it. Well, I think it’s just the natural course of things. … there’s no scientific evidence that shows any of that. I’m not sure there’s any any evidence to prove that there’s man-made catastrophic global warming. Well, there’s no significant scientific evidence. Well, I am a scientist. You know, I believe in peer-reviewed science. But, I don’t see any peer-reviewed science that proves that there is man-made catastrophic climate change.

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