#Science is make all of our 1980s childhood technology dreams come true… sort of


Huffington Post has a humorous article about how successful science has been at making our (for people who grew up in the 1980s) childhood technology dreams come true.

Here’s the bad news up front: we still don’t have the hoverboards that the movies of the 1980s promised us. (What’s taking so long? Get on it, people.)….

….scientists have otherwise been doing a pretty good job of whipping up even the most absurd technology we imagined when we were kids. On a future trip, who knows? You might hop in your automated flying car, get a hotel room for the night, shower off behind the privacy of an invisibility curtain, schedule time with the expert robot masseuse, and then dial up a gourmet meal on your portable 3D Food Printer. Anything’s possible.

The list of 80s childhood dream technologies includes flying cars, exoskeletons, smart cars, personal helicopters, robot friends, virtual wardrobes, and X-ray glasses. Check out the list for descriptions of where these childhood dreams technologies came from, and what the current status is.

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